Our objective at Winston Rose Solicitors is always to be transparent about our fees and to ensure that our clients understand how fees will be charged. We know that each individual’s situation is different, and the individual circumstances can have an impact on the fees that we charge.

As you can see below, we have prepared some guidance of how we charge our fees on some of our services. However, to be able to give you exact estimates, we would always prefer you to get in touch with us directly and help us understand your circumstances, based on which we will get a better understanding about what work we will need to undertake for you.

In most cases fees are based on the time spent on the case and the solicitor's hourly rate, which varies from firm to firm and also in relation to a solicitor's experience. After discussing your case, we will be able to tell you whether there is a fixed fee or whether there will be an hourly rate applicable.

Legal fees specified below may vary and is subject to change over time.

Immigration Fees:

  • Application outside the rule (Applicant with no leave)£1500
  • Citizenship (naturalisation & registrations)£600
  • Student/visit visas (entry & extensions in-country)£900
  • Application Marriage, Civil Partnership, or unmarried partners£1200
  • Long Residence applications£1800
  • Settlement for dependent family members£1200
  • EEA Applications£1200
  • Tier 2 visas (entry & extensions in-country)£900
  • Minister of Religion visa (entry & extension)£900


  • Asylum application£2500
  • Fresh Asylum Claim/Further Submission£900
  • Immigration Appeal (asylum and non-asylum)£2500
  • Administrative Review Application£600
  • Bail application (CIO + Tribunal) Excluding Travel costs£1440
  • Application for Permission to Appeal (FTT & UT- existing client) drafting grounds only£900
  • Letter before claim Only£780
  • Application for permission for judicial review on Papers – Excluding counsel costs£1500


Will Matter:

  • Administration of Will:£750 + VAT

Dispute Resolution:

  • Legal Notice£350 + VAT



  • Divorce£800 + VAT

Contact Order Application:

  • Prepare and submit application£750 + VAT
  • thereafter£200 per hour
  • Non molestation Order£1500